Migrating EDD from 2.5.x to 2.6.0+

The 2.6.0 version intentionally breaks compatibility with Docker Compose files of previous versions. One of the major features of 2.6.0 is the ability to only launch services in Docker that do not have external providers. This feature is meaningless if continuing to use a docker-compose.override.yml based on the example from previous versions.

Changing Files

Some files are either deprecated, or will be updated in an incompatible way. To ensure that any changes can be applied to the new version of EDD, make reference copies of the following files:

  • server/edd/settings/local.py
  • secrets/secrets.env
  • docker-compose.override.yml

Each of these files may contain values that should get moved to:

  • settings/__init__.py or another Python file in settings/
  • a per-service .env file in secrets
  • the updated and auto-generated docker-compose.override.yml


Should volumes require renaming, make use of the scripts ./bin/backup_volume.sh and ./bin/restore_volume.sh. Alternatively, change the volumes key in docker-compose.override.yml to reference the old volume name.