The following tutorials are specifically using the EDD site at public-edd.agilebiofoundry.org. Each EDD site has some configuration specific to that site, so the provided example files may not work exactly as shown in the videos, when using other EDD sites. The general concepts remain the same between all sites.

Data Import

The following files are used in this tutorial on importing data to EDD:

  1. Experiment Description
  2. Cell density (OD) data
  3. External metabolites data
  4. Transcriptomics data
  5. Proteomics data
  6. Metabolomics data

Data Visualization

This tutorial does not require any additional input files. The video shows data added from a previous tutorial, Data Import.

Data Export

Use this Jupyter Notebook to follow along with the Data Export tutorial. The notebook is tested running in a Python 3.6 kernel, using the requirements.txt packages here. If you are affiliated with the ABF or JBEI, and have an account on the Jupyter server, the kernel is named “ART_3.6” on both ABF and JBEI Jupyter servers. Otherwise, follow the install instructions for JupyterLab to run the notebook.